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I have noticed that your ozone generators are not CSA or UL approved. Why is that, and are they any less safe than those that are?

=== Most clients considering the purchase of electric or electronic device(s) tend to believe that CSA, UL or any other type of approval automatically guarantees:

  1. Quality of product design
  2. Quality of workmanship
  3. Suitability of materials used in manufacturing process of the product.
  4. Many clients also believe that organizations in position to certify products also tests the performance and the suitability of the product in relationship to intended use.

Needless to say, the truth is different....

Laboratories providing testing and certification usually focus at one aspect only - electrical safety of the device they test. This means their attention is directed primarily at insulation properties of different components, grounding and generation of heat within the device (which may result in melting insulation at wire connections....)

Performance testing or the suitability of the product for different applications is not included in the scope of services provided by these organizations.

Consequently CSA, UL or other certifications provide very limited "protection" for prospect buyers of ozonation equipment.

It is also important to state, that certification process is relatively expensive venture. In general, there is a charge for initial testing and also a regular yearly charge for follow up evaluation if manufactured products complies with certification requirements.

CSA Estimate Page 1 CSA Estimate Page 2

In our search for maximum protection & safety of our clients we at Ozone Services evaluated number of different options including the CSA/UL certifications and we concluded that the best way to serve our clients would be to develop new line of products or to modify our existing line of ozone generators with the goal to have suitable selection of ozone generators for Ultra Pure Applications which would be operated from 12VDC.

0-24VDC and specifically 12VDC is internationally recognized as "LOW VOLTAGE" and devices utilizing these voltages have an excellent track record in terms of end user safety...we talk about REAL SAFETY, not "artificial" safety resulting from passing the test and being compliant with government regulations.

Furthermore, simple wall plug-in adapters which convert AC voltage to 12VDC are available world wide, therefore our ozone generators operating from 12VDC will prove to be very versatile and in full accord with trends leading us towards global economy.

Clients who travel extensively or clients who need to operate ozone generators in remote areas will appreciate that our ozone generators powered by 12VDC are distributed with AC/DC adapters as well as "cigarette lighter" 12VDC adapter making our products truly portable instruments which can be safely operated directly from standard car or RV 12VDC battery.

=== I hope this helps,

=== Take Care

=== The OzoneLab™ Team

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