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We believe that ozone levels in a particular air filled enclosure is contributing to deterioration of components sharing the same housing. We know that some components in the housing generate ozone, yet are unsure how to quantify the levels. Can you suggest the appropriate hardware to use?


=== Believe it or not, the problem you have outlined is very frequently overlooked by designers and producers of ozone generators. Needless to say, it is very embarrassing for them to find out that their ozone generator is not "ozone resistant" - at least in respect to by-production of ozone within the unit enclosure.

This may be considered a good joke, but it is not. It is a fact of life and to find such ozone equipment is usually not very difficult. In most cases (not all), all you have to look for is "no fan" design. What is even more pathetic, most producers of such ozone generators are very proud of the fact that they do not use any fan....

O.K. back to your original question.

If you know for sure that some components in the housing generate ozone, then whole idea of measuring how much ozone is produced is standing on wooden leg. In other words, there is no "safe" level of ozone. Over long period of time even very low ozone concentration can accumulatively create extensive damage.

So, the basic rule we employ in our company is "zero tolerance" for ozone accumulation within the enclosure of our products...that does not necessary mean you have to incorporate a fan...different products and different usage of your products may call for different solutions...

In case that you still insist on measuring ozone levels within the enclosure, the selection of suitable product to do such test will depend on:

  1. Range of ozone concentrations created / accumulated within the enclosure
  2. Amount and precision of testing you wish to do
  3. Your budget

...there are three products I have in my mind:

  1. Ozone Test strips - inexpensive, simple, limited accuracy and range (0-0.105ppm)
  2. OS-2, electronic device with "remote sensor" (2FT) which can be inserted directly into the enclosure. Range 0.5-20ppm
  3. A-21Z, electronic device without "remote sensor", but it has a port to attach "sniff tube" up to 12" long. Range 0.02 to 10 ppm

A-21 Z is the most versatile unit, however it is also the most expensive one.

=== I hope this helps,

=== Take Care

=== The OzoneLab™ Team

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