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Having 12 volt systems is really great. I know that I can use cigarette lighters in cars, boats, etc. to power my 12VDC Ozone Generator, but what if I need something even more portable?


=== There are several different options available to you. I shall outline two for you.

The first is using a 12 volt battery and the following device:

The battery post clamps allow you to have a cigarette plug wherever there is a 12 volt battery. This is a product which we carry as apart of our product line.

The second option is using a portable battery pack.

We did tests using a device which draws 10% more power (1.55Amp) than our standard GE60 Ozone Generator at setting #10 (highest). The portable battery pack (pictured above) provided 15 hours and 47 minutes of continuous power. This is not a product that we carry, but similar units are available from many department and automotive supply stores.

=== I hope this helps,

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=== The OzoneLab™ Team

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