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Will the ozone analyzer OGA/C you suggested for measuring of ozone generator output produce the reading in pounds per day?

Sorry, if I sound a little ignorant, I am. BUT I'm the only one here who has a good grasp on English, so I get stuck with the duty.

Karen D.


=== We have a full line of ozone monitors for monitoring of ozone gas concentrations.

The OGA/C ozone analyzer in the suggested configuration (Base model + Enclosure with 4-digit LCD display and Ozone IN/OUT ports) will produce a digital reading in the form of [mg/l].

It is important to understand, that Ozone Concentration is measured. However, the Total Ozone Output is calculated. In the calculation you will employ the following variables:

Ozone Concentration [mg/l] milligram per liter
Ozone Flow Rate [LPM] liter per minute
Conversion from minutes to hours [x 60]
Conversion from hours to 1 day [x 24]

....and you will be using the following formula:

Ozone Concentration [mg/l] x Ozone Flow [LPM] x 60 x 24 => [mg/day]

If you wish to convert [mg/day] to [Lb/day], then you have to take into consideration, that the conversion is rate is 1Lb = 454,000mg

Ozone Output Calculation example:
Ozone Concentration 12mg/l
Ozone Flow Rate 20LPM

12x 20x 60 x 24=> 345,600 [mg/day]

345600 / 454000 => 0.76 [Lb/day]

=== I hope this helps,

=== Take Care

=== The OzoneLab™ Team

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