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How effective is the ozone destructor and how would I know if it still effective? Do I need to change the element in the destructor? If yes, how often?


=== Thank you for your question(s).

=== I believe the best way to answer your question is to provide you with following basic facts:

1). Average human can detect ozone levels in air in concentrations as low as 0.01ppm. Some more sensitive individuals have their noses more sensitive and they can detect levels as low as 0.001ppm - levels which are quite difficult to register on standard electronic based ozone monitoring systems.

2). Ozone concentrations produced by GE60 ozone generator reach levels exceeding 90 gamma, which corresponds with 62,910ppm (90 gamma x 699 coefficient).

3). Ozone destructors are designed to eliminate up to 100,000 ppm with flow rate up to 500ml/min and it has a safety factor K=3. In other words, 1/3 of the catalytic agent volume housed inside the ozone destructor cartridge was sufficient to effectively reduce concentrations of ozone gas, channeled for destruction, below detection level of the average human (less then 1/2 of the safety limit standard - 0.05ppm).

4). Because the Ozone Destructor is utilizing Catalytic agent for ozone destruction, there is no need for the replacement of the catalytic agent.

5). The only instance when the catalytic agent will have to be changed would be if the ozone destructor cartridge will be flooded with oil, or it would be exposed to some very specific chemical reactions not usually encountered in water ozonation applications.

For this reason the Ozone Destructor cartridge has removable threaded cap, which allows an easy access for catalytic agent replacement.

Pricing on our standard 12" Ozone Destructor and agent refill is available in our pricing area.

=== I hope this helps,

=== Take Care

=== The OzoneLab™ Team

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