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Couldn't someone "preserve" the ozone in the water they make by simply capping the bottle tightly with a silicon rubber cork or equivalent? I wonder how long water would remain "ozonated" if this is done?


=== If we will take a sterile glass container and pump ozone gas into it, seal the container with Teflon closure - ozone will still dissipate - actually - it will convert back to oxygen. This process can be slowed down by storing the container in cold. The speed of this process can be also increased by exposing the container to high temperatures.

There are number of other factors which will effect the speed of "conversion process" - light, UV exposure, etc. (Needless to say that some UV wavelengths create ozone, some are used for ozone destruction...)

=== So, the answer to question above should be:

"Decomposition of ozone (in air or water) is not going to be stopped by sealing the container".

In terms of time - there is too many variables to give you a simple answer to this simple question. Personally, I use ozonated water as soon as it is produced and I do not make any attempts to store it.

=== The OzoneLab™ Team

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