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We have a hot tub and are comparing Ozone versus Hydrogen Peroxide. Which do you feel is better?


=== We used to produce and install ozonation units for hot tubs, however we found the installation to be tricky due to changing pressures and flow rates (different number of jets, different pumps, different stage of plug-up of the filter, etc). so, I started to focus more on Hydrogen Peroxide. I found following:

  1. Start-up & installation is much cheaper and easier then with ozone
  2. Operation and the maintenance is also simpler
  3. The cost of H2O2 is usually around 100$/year
  4. When H2O2 is added to water you simply KNOW it is there - even if the electricity will be interrupted for a few hours or days....

Over all, H2O2 is in my opinion far better way to treat the hot tub then ozone. The action of H2O2 and ozone is almost identical - both are utilizing oxidation (2O3 + C => CO2 + 2 O2 // 2H2O2 + C => 2H2O + CO2)

H2O2 level in water can be monitored by dip-in test strips.

=== The OzoneLab™ Team

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