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What is Gamma and its conversion to ozone levels in water?


=== First at all I would like to encourage you to review the copy of our presentation at International Oxidative Medical Association conference, (San Antonio, TX, April 17-19th, 1998) - Technical Aspects of Ozonation Equipment for Ozone Therapies.

There is a section clearly describing what "gamma" is.....

=== Second, you should realize that relation of gamma to ozone levels in water is similar as relationship of heating element (with specific output in Watts) to temperature of water.....

.... where Watts represent gamma


....temperature of water represent ozone levels in water.

In other words - direct conversion is not possible. There are too many variables which will have strong influence on the end result.

Following are just a few variables to give you an idea what is involved in ozonation of water:

  1. water pH, temperature, quality, volume....
  2. container holding water - size, shape, material....
  3. Mixing of ozone - size of bubbles, circulation....
  4. External "forces" - barometric pressure, sun exposure, temperature..

..... in short, the only reasonable way how to determine the ozone levels in water is to test it directly by ORP (oxygen reduction probe) or by chemical test....

=== The OzoneLab™ Team

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