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I am concerned about my drinking water. Would it be better to use a RO unit to treat the water along with or separate from the ozone generator?


=== I would encourage everyone trying to sort out their drinking water problem to do following:

  1. To buy a bottle of *** distilled *** water
  2. Empty the bottle and immediately fill it with water from the source you want to treat. (Let water run for 3-5 minutes before you will take a sample). Fill the bottle to the very top, so there will be almost no air left.
  3. Deliver this sample ASAP to your *** LOCAL *** water lab (check your Yellow Pages (under "Water") and ask them for standard water analysis.
  4. Ask the lab for reference for a local "water guy"
  5. Contact your local water guy and explore all options.....

Of course, this is just a small part of the homework, however it is a part which must be taken in order to get good understanding what is the extend of the problem you are trying to deal with. "Water guy" in your area may or may not offer you a solution which would sound reasonable, however it is always good idea to start searching for the solution with people who work directly in your region (water contamination depends greatly on local conditions, therefore it is always better to talk to people who have experience with treatment of water in your area). In any case, people working in the "water lab" are usually very good source of info.

In regards to questions about R.O., ozone or combination R.O. and ozone - every system has its own advantages and week points. In general I follow these three simple guidelines:

  1. For pretreated"city" water => R.O.
  2. Water from the well or creek => ozone & filtration
  3. Commercial applications (bottled water production) => R.O. & ozone

=== The OzoneLab™ Team

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