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I work for a hospital that is getting ready to build a healthplex with a Lap Pool, Therapy Pool and two Whirlpools. We are getting conflicting stories on how to use ozonation in these applications. Do you have any suggestions? Money is a concern and space to put the equipment is of concern. Right now Ozonation with Bromine is being recommended. We have been told that ozone reactivates Bromine as it passes through the ozonating process, cutting Bromine use 20-30%. Another consultant is telling us that we should not use Bromine but Chlorine with the ozonation equipment. Let me know what you recommend.

=== Startup cost and also the cost of operation & preventive maintenance for ozonation systems is usually higher than what would be the cost for sanitation of water utilizing chlorine or bromine. From this simple perspective, most pools currently in construction are still being equipped by instruments for handling and dispersing chemicals..... Needless to say, only very few people in position(s) to make decision(s) about the design and operation of pool(s) have enough wisdom to include into a simple financial equation the "hidden costs" for using chemicals which are represented by damage created by chlorine and bromine to health of people operating & using the pool(s) and the environment in general.

=== The combination of Ozone & Bromine delivers far superior results over the combination of Ozone & Chlorine.

=== Properly designed and operated Ozone & Bromine system can cut the usage of bromine up to 80-90%...... Actually, ozonation systems our company installed are operated in "Ozone Only" regime and bromine injection backup is activated automatically by ozone ORP monitor only if residual ozone levels in water will drop below the preset ORP level. Consequently, if ozonation system is correctly designed and proper attention is directed towards early maintenance, pools should have virtually no usage of bromine....

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