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Why don't more people use H2O2 in their pools? I would like to switch, how expensive is it, is it difficult to switch, etc.


=== Utilizing ozone or H2O2 for swimming pools and spas makes a lot of sense to anyone who knows how toxic Chlorine (Bromine) can be not only to a human body, but also to the environment.

There are some general aspects to consider when thinking about pool or spa "conversions".

  1. The conversion of spa or pool to H2O2 is usually very simple. H2O2 can be introduced to water manually or via 2-3 different semi-automatic or fully automatic injection systems.

    The treatment of large volume of water with H2O2 is usually quite cost prohibitive.

    Recommended H2O2 dosage for POOLS is in range 30-60 ppm (100ppm for therapeutic pools). Recommended H2O2 dosage for SPAS is in range 50-100 ppm (125-150ppm for therapeutic pools). Higher dosages for spa are due to warmer water.

    H2O2 test strips with range 0-100ppm are available for manual "low-tech" testing....

  2. The conversion of spa or pool to ozone is usually rather tricky task.

    Ozone installations (if properly done) will have relatively low cost of maintenance, however the startup cost is significant.

    Pools with sluggish circulation (turn around of all water in the system longer then 8-10 hours) should not be converted to ozone at all, unless the circulation will be improved (maximum 4-5 hours turn-around). The same applies for pools or spas with Copper piping, heaters and other components and materials which can not be considered as ozone resistant.

    In any case, owners of pools and spas with a lot of sun exposure should think twice before they will go ahead with ozone conversions => algae likes oxygen rich water & sun.... and ozone, or H2O2 in concentrations used in pools or spas does not kill algae....

Each pool and spa is different => it is hard to go into details.

=== I hope this helps......a little :)

=== The OzoneLab™ Team

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