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Do you know of a device that can test the level of hydrogen peroxide in water? Also I am interested in testing the level of hydrogen peroxide in 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.


=== I personally do not like hand held ORP or pH meters due to their very bad track record in terms of the quality of these instruments. Also a precision of the measurement is somehow questionable. I did run an extensive test of these hand held units (manufactured by number of different companies) and after the test I simply stopped using them.... on top of it - they are quite costly (they are definitely too expensive when considering the results I have got).

=== Most people need to perform just a few tests - to satisfy their curiosity or just to make sure they did not mess up calculations for dilution of H2O2. H2O2 test strips I use are sold in packaging of 100 tests strips/1 capsule. I believe 100 tests is going to provide enough answers to satisfy even the most curious folks :)

=== The OzoneLab™ Team

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