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We at Ozone Services feel that packing our products for transport is one of the most important jobs in our whole operation.

We also believe that the way the product is packed by the supplier for transport tells a lot about the care given to all aspects of product design, manufacturing, testing as well as customer support and service.

Ordering products from mail-order companies, catalogs and on the Internet is becoming routine, and we all complain about the cost of shipping, which seems almost always too high. Therefore, it is no surprise that most of our clients feel the same way about our S&H charges. However, all clients who have visited our facility, and who have had an opportunity to see all steps involved in the process of packing for transport products they purchased, agree - "I will never complain about your S&H charge again".

  1. Most products / items are individually packed and labeled using strip-labels, which are a part of custom designed packing slip. By using this technique we eliminated:
    1. the confusion associated with identification of individual items / products
    2. the possibility of overlooking/missing the item/product scheduled for transport
  2. We stock 36 sizes of cardboard boxes....from 4x4x4" to 30x 30x 30", so, we always have suitable box, regardless what the final configuration of the order is.....and never forget - UPS requires 1.5-2" of packaging material all around the product!
  3. The bottom of the box is always carefully glued first....and "bottom layer" of protective cushioning is prepared. We mostly use loose fill (chips), but sometimes we also use Insta-Pack foam system.....
  4. Products are placed into the box, "buried" by chips, and if required, packing chips or Insta-Pack foam is used also as cushioning between individual products ....
  5. Product information/manual, sale & packing slips are placed on the top layer of protective cushioning...
  6. Boxes are closed and glued ....
  7. ...and taped
  8. ...and strapped (if larger than 16x10x10")
  9. ...and labeled
  10. ...and shipped.

Some boxes contain one item only, and some orders consist of up to 30-35 different items/products, reaching the total weight of 150Lbs. However, outlined process is almost always the same, and in year 2002 alone it was repeated over 1450 times....


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