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In January of 1998, we realized that a long term focus on any AC power supply was going to represent a natural barrier which would prevent our company in expanding into international markets, and would also prevent us from reaching the prospective markets with an extreme demand for safety and mobility.

Our commitment to supplying our clients with the quality and innovative products resulted in the decision to redesign our main products – High Frequency Corona Discharge Ozone Generators for Ultra Pure Ozone Applications. In the Summer of 1998, after almost 5 months of design modifications and testing, we introduced the latest version of Ozone Generators powered by 12VDC.

The introduction of this new line of ozone generators powered by 12VDC became a turning point in our activity. This step also set a new benchmark for versatility and safety for everyone involved in the design, production, as well as operation of ozonation equipment. We hope that through this approach, we are helping to set a new standard. After all, no regulatory agency has the patent for wisdom, and no CSA, UL, CE, or any other approval provides the real guarantee of safety.

Just remember that there was a time when DDT was approved...

Five good reasons to look for Ozone Instruments "Powered by 12VDC":

  1. SAFETY - just consider the following fact - Many of the most volatile industrial operations we can even imagine have the control mechanisms powered by 12VDC and/or 24VDC.

  2. TROUBLE FREE / COST EFFECTIVE - Electrical safety approvals for instruments powered by AC voltages represent a serious financial burden for the producer, which in turn are passed on through the purchasers price.

    There is currently no world-wide unified international electrical safety standard. Consequently, international sales of electric and electronic devices operated from AC voltages always come into question if the equipment holds the electrical safety certification acceptable by regulatory agency overlooking the region to which the equipment will be exported to (and operated in). Needless to say, CSA (Canada) and/or UL (USA) approvals are worthless in countries like (for example) Germany or Egypt.

    On the other hand, electric and electronic devices operated from 12VDC are completely removed from electrical safety testing due to the simple fact that all devices powered by 0-42VDC are considered (world-wide) completely safe...so safe the devices operated from above listed voltages are not even accepted for electrical safety testing.

    From the outlined perspective, it is clear the electric and electronic devices operated from 12VDC can be operated anywhere in the world without risking a conflict with local regulatory agencies which are always on the search for instruments which do not carry their stamp of approval. When such an instrument is found, the owner is usually forced to submit the instrument for electrical safety testing (a rather costly proposition) and/or the owner is forced to stop using the instrument (even more costly).

    High quality, custom designed and produced universal 100-240VAC/12VDC-4Amp., switching power adapters supplied with all our instruments have UL/USA, UL/Canada, CE, TUV, and GS approvals.

  3. EQUIPMENT PROTECTION - Quality solid state power adapters used for the conversion of AC voltage to DC voltage eliminate all problems associated with the power fluctuation as well as power "spikes" effecting the performance of sensitive electronic equipment.

  4. MOBILITY - Imagine that you can power the instrument from any AC voltage currently used in any country in the world..... and if you will find yourself in remote area, you still have the option to use any 12VDC car battery as the power source.

  5. VERSATILITY - Combine all information provided above and you simply must conclude that Ozone Instruments powered by 12VDC are far more versatile then Ozone Instruments operated from any AC power supply.

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