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Ozone Resistant Diaphragm Check Valve - Barb Fittings
1/8 0.080 0.750 0.125 1.300
3/16 0.125 0.750 0.187 1.680

Ozone Resistant Diaphragm Check Valve

Kynar™ Body
VitonT Diaphragm

Flow Coefficient - Cv 0.12

Closing Pressure: 0.1 psi
Braking pressure: 0.2 psi
Working Pressure: up to 25 psi

Important Note:
Diaphragm Check Valves require 1.0 psi back pressure for a tight seal

Operating Temperature: 0-90°C (200°F)

Ozone Check Valve

Oxygen Check Valve

Male/Female luer lock, low pressure valve
420 mL/min flow rate @ 1 meter head
30 psi back pressure
1/4 psi cracking pressure inlet
PolyCarbonate Body
Silicone Diaphrgam
Latex free

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