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Consequently, they are designed to be used only once (1x), and should NEVER be shared.

Associated Product: Ozone Insufflation Bags

When selecting catheter, the following aspects should be taken into consideration:

  • Length & diameter
  • Catheter adapter and tip style
  • The resistance of the catheter to ozone

We have tested the catheters we sell for ozone resistance and have found no negative results with ozone concentrations up to 60 gamma.

Bulk Catheters - FLL / 14" long / 14Fr. - Non Sterile

Individually Packaged& EtO Sterilized Catheters
FLL / 14" long / 14Fr.

Catheter Safety Tips:

  • Never use a catheter which was not properly packaged
  • Never share the same catheter with others
  • Never use the same catheters for different purposes
  • Never use the catheter which shows any sign of deterioration
  • Always store each catheter separately

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