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Below is a list of the books which we carry in stock. We feel that they are some of the best which are available on the subject of Ozone.
  We also have a list of several books which we highly recommend but do no carry.

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The Use of Ozone in Medicine
Renate Viebahn-Haensler (4th revised edition)

** Temporarily out of stock **

The Use of Ozone in Medicine is one of the most comprehensive books to come out of Germany. Contains information on Ozone in the preparation of drinking water, the basic biochemical facts underlying ozone therapy, the principals of ozone therapy, and dosage guidelines and procedures.

"The Use of Ozone in Medicine" written by R. Viebahn has quickly become a basic source of information for everyone who is interested in digging deeper into the field of Ozone Therapies. It includes chapters on the history of ozone therapy and its biochemical, technical and different clinical applications such as autohemotherapy, rectal and vaginal insufflation, injections, ozonized water and olive oil with recommended dosages and treatment frequencies and contraindications.

Cancer Action Plan

Cancer Action Plan - Useful, Innovative, Alternative Cancer Therapies
by Simon & Enrida Kelly

** Temporarily out of stock **

Cancer Action Plan is unique because it is easy to read and includes all of the following:

  • Outlines the most important therapies to follow from home - as well as therapies you can carry out in your local area.
  • Provides in-depth information about leading alternative cancer clinics who offer innovative cutting edge therapies.
  • Lets you hear direct from cancer therapy experts who have treated 1000's of individuals with their unique therapies.
  • Explains how you can go about obtaining an individualised independent report about your chances with conventional treatments.
  • Provides you with the facts you should know about chemotherapy - as well as details of a unique test which can indicate how likely it is that chemotherapy will work for an individual.
  • The latest research about using natural compounds against cancer.
  • The best way to ensure the food you are eating is working to heal you.
  • Provides you with a responsible, balanced and accurate picture of the value of controversial cancer therapies such as oxygen-ozone therapy and others...

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