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Software for computer controlled Ozone Concentration Control is on enclosed CD, in ZIP format.

  • Check your computer for COM1 – DB9 port:
    • If available, software will run on COM1
    • If not available, use USB-COM1 adapter
      • Keep in your mind that USB will assign different identification for “COM1" - according to your hardware setup controlling the port assignment.
      • On the example presented, the adapter was assigned COM3 identification.
  • Open the CD
  • Review images on the CD, outlining important steps of getting software ready for operation:
    • Extract ZIP files
    • Run installation script (OLSCC01 / application)
    • Run OLSOCC01 program
    • Select the correct communication port (you may try a few….)
    • Select DTR as communication pathway between the computer and the ozone generator (that is what the cable is wired for)
    • Click Connect/Disconnect to establish the link between the computer and ozone generator
    • Click on START/STOP to activate the program & ozone generator Ozone Concentration Control function:
      • High pitch buzzing sound together with the pilot light on the front panel of the ozone generator will indicate that ozone production is active / cycling
      • Adjust Frequency and Duty according to your needs
  • You may wish to explore other functions of the software such as
  • Timer
    • Delay-ON
    • Delay-OFF
  • Alarm
  • Record keeping & printout of records

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