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Each ozone generator is tested and calibrated separately using 2" H2O back pressure.

OzoneLab™ instruments are designed for low flow/high output applications and are not suitable for flow rates above 1000ml/min due to the size of orifices in the ozone gas flow path. Gas Pressure is 0-3 p.s.i. (For applications dealing with higher pressures - please contact us for more info and/or consultation).

As you can see on the picture, we channel ozone produced by the ozone generator to 1st analyzer and then to 2nd unit. Naturally, additional distance (tubing) between two analyzers creates some minor differences in the ozone concentration readings, however these differences are carefully monitored. If the difference between individual readings is more then +/-1% from ozone output tested, we start to look for reasons why the difference exists:

  1. Usually it means that "zero point" of one or both analyzers drifted due aging of UV light source lamps (UV lamp) and it needs to be adjusted. This is usually done every 2 weeks. UV bulbs are replaced every 12 months.

  2. During our involvement in Ultra Pure Ozone Applications we also encountered situations when drift of the measurement was not due to simple "zero point" drift, which can be easily detected and adjusted. "Linearity" of produced reading can be also negatively effected by aging of UV light source and changing sensitivity of UV light receivers.

Important Note:
It is our obligation to disclose that some producers of ozone equipment rent an ozone analyzer for 1-2 days, test a few "sample units" from their production and then they create a generic ozone output test report, which is then supplied with each ozone generator produced. Needless to say, this practice is in our opinion irresponsible because manufacturing tolerances of individual components naturally result in differences in ozone output produced by individual instruments.

The purchase of quality testing instruments reflects a commitment to quality of product(s) and service(s) provided to the client, and it is in our opinion not a luxury or a marketing trick as some of our competitors claim.

For cross referencing purposes, we are also using in our test laboratory ozone analyzers produced by Anseros Company in Germany.

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