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10-Step Ozone Output Regulation

The "10-Step Ozone Output Regulation" has exactly defined "click-in" steps for which the ozone generator (ozone production) is tested and measured .  That data is used to create an Ozone Output Test Report for the specific instrument. Consequently, ozone generators with "10-Step" regulation are frequently used without ozone gas analyzers.


10-Turn High Precision Ozone Output Regulation

The "10-Turn High Precision Ozone Output Regulation" (listed as "R" option) does not have exactly defined "click-in" steps for which the ozone generator can be calibrated. However, the advantage of the 10-turn regulation is in almost unlimited number of ozone output setting options. Consequently, 10-Turn Precision Ozone Output Regulation is mainly for applications where the end users have an independent ozone gas analyzer available.

Ozone Generators equipped with "R" type regulation are calibrated only for 10 settings defined on the scale of the regulator knob in numeric form, and the precession of dialing this setting can vary greatly with each user.

If the client has an independent ozone gas analyzer, ozone generators with" R" option would be better choice offering more ozone production regulation flexibility.

However, if the client does not have (or does not plan on using) independent ozone gas analyzer, and if it is important for client's targeted application(s) to keep track of ozone concentrations produced, the ozone generator with standard 10-step ozone concentration regulator will be better choice, as each of 10 steps is exactly defined and linked with the calibration data outlined in the Ozone Output Test Report.

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