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Swagelok® is a registered trademark of Swagelok Company of Solon, Ohio, USA producing a wide variety of high quality compression fittings. OzoneLab™ Instruments are exclusively using Swagelok® fittings where indicated.

The Stainless Steel Swagelok® compression fitting option is available to laboratory clients only upon request. (This is not a standard option as it does introduce metal into the ozone stream).

Our "STANDARD" OzoneLab™ Teflon tubing is 1/8"ID & 3/16"OD. Consequently "STANDARD" Swagelok® fittings are offered for the 3/16"OD Teflon tubing.

For clients insisting on 1/4"OD, we can provide 3/16"OD to 1/4"OD coupler.

The "Swagelok® Option" is offered on all units in large enclosure (OL100's, OLA's, OL80A's, OL80M's, OL80W's and selected OL80 desktop's. This option is not applicable for "Syringe Ports".

For more information about OzoneLab™ Swagelok® upgrade, please do not hesitate to contact us.



"3/16"OD Swagelok® Upgrade" (working with OzoneLab™ Standard 1/8"ID & 3/16"OD Teflon tubing) US $245.00 / unit
Set of two (2) 3/16"OD to 1/4"OD couplers.  US $42.00

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