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Oxygen fed ozone generators used for Ultra Pure Ozone Applications are (or should be considered) precision devices, which require regular re-calibration and testing.

An extremely high "mortality rate" of companies involved in production & distribution of ozonation systems results in very unsatisfactory situation on the market. Without our direct assistance, many users of oxygen fed ozone generators produced by companies which no longer exist would have very limited or no way to get their units properly re-tested and re-calibrated. We claim with confidence that we test and calibrate annually more ozone generators produced by our former and/or current competitors then any other company currently active in the field of Ultra Pure Ozone Applications.

Please note that our company only accepts oxygen fed ozone instruments
for re-calibration.

Clients using ozonation systems produced by Ozone Services can take an advantage of our free calibration/testing service, however there are still expenses associated with re-calibration which clients would have to pay - 2 way shipping & customs (if applicable).

Prospect clients using OXYGEN FED ozonation systems produced by other manufacturers can still take an advantage of our Ozone Output Testing Program, however they will be charged in accord with following overview:

Ozone Output Testing charges are as follows:

OzoneLab™ Ozone Generators during warranty: $50 US + 2way S&H + Customs
OzoneLab™ Ozone Generators after warranty: $150 US + 2way S&H + Customs
OzoneLab™ Ozone Analyzers during warranty: $100 US + 2way S&H + Customs
OzoneLab™ Ozone Analyzers after warranty: $235 US + 2way S&H + Customs
Ozone Generators other than OzoneLab™: $300 US + 2way S&H + Customs
Ozone Analyzers other than OzoneLab™: $470 US + 2way S&H + Customs

When considering the possibility to have ozone generator tested it is necessary to take following steps:

  • Contact Ozone Services and notify us in advance about your intentions. Please, have following information handy:
  • Model / Name of the ozone generator
  • If ozone generator is of our production - then we will require Serial Number and the name of person who arranged the sale of the instrument (distributor).

We will also ask you for information about ozone generator oxygen feed gas.....if oxygen tanks & flow regulators are used, we would need detail information about the type of oxygen flow regulator, flow rates, fitting connections, etc.

We will provide detail shipping instructions

If oxygen tanks and flow regulators are used, then we will require that the oxygen flow regulator will be sent along with the ozone generator to our company for ozone output testing.

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