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Versatile U.V. Irradiation Instrument utilizing three (3) channel design, allowing easy control of the UV light intensity as well as UV bulb exchange and UV bulb service life monitoring. This product is an important addition to our existing product line, which already includes UV Cuvettes.

UV 4-8-12W/12VDC Instrument Description

Front Panel (left to right)

  • Toggle switches (numbered left to right)
    • #1 turns “ON” the first UV bulb closest to the front of the unit
    • #2 operates the lower middle bulb of the unit
    • #3 operates the UV bulb to the rear of the unit
  • Digital Hour Meter (EEPROM memory) showing the service hours of the UV bulbs
  • Cooling fan provides ample air flow to cool electronics as well as the UV bulbs
  • Main power switch

The Lid:

  • When the lid is closed, the pin located at the bottom side of the lid activates the built-in safety micro-switch, which turns “ON” pre-selected UV bulbs.

Back Panel:

  • 12VDC power jack (center positive) / 1.5Amp

UV Wavelength Selection
The UV instrument is designed to accept up to three (3) UV bulbs. The selection of the UV bulbs installed and their configuration must match the requirements of the application targeted. In general, UV-C is best for destruction of bacteria and viruses and UV-A is often used in combination with UV-C for special applications. UV-B bulbs are available upon special request.

UV Intensity Selection
The regulation of UV light intensity is done by selectively turning “ON” the toggle switches (#1, #2 and #3). Each toggle switch is operated independently of the other, or all three can be turned “ON” at the same time. The greatest intensity of UV light of a specific wavelength will be obtained if:

  • All three UV bulbs will have the same UV wavelength
  • All three bulbs will be activated / turned “ON”

Modes of operation:

  • 4 Watt: "A" or "C"
  • 8 Watt: "A-A" or "A-C" or "C-C"
  • 12 Watt: "A-A-A" or "A-A-C" or "A-C-C" or "C-C-C"

Changing the UV Bulb:
To change the UV bulb grasp the bulb at each metallic end (with the machine turned “OFF”) and slightly twist the bulb to remove it from the slot. The installation of the UV bulb is done by sliding the UV bulb pins (located at each end) into the UV bulb socket, and gently rotating the bulb 90° (axially). A special care should be taken not to touch the glass part of the bulbs with your fingers as this can deposit oils on the glass and shorten the life of the UV bulb.

Important Note: Due to a frequent switching “ON/OFF” of the UV bulbs, the service life of UV bulbs is greatly diminished. This is caused by a surge of an electrical current that wears out the elements in the UV bulb(s). For the above outlined reasons it is recommended to change the UV bulbs in regular intervals, which would not exceed 300 hours. UV bulbs can be marked (on the metallic end caps) using the permanent marker. Such UV bulb identification along with the written log will help prevent confusion when using bulbs with various UV wavelengths, and will help to keep a track of the total amount of service hours logged by different UV bulbs.

Technical Specifications:

Power Input: 12VDC (Universal 100-240VAC/12VDC power adapter supplied)
Power Consumption: 18Watt / 1500mA/12VDC in 3x4Watt mode (three lamps "ON")
Size: 7.5x 6x 3" / 190x 150x 75mm (WxDxH)
Weight: 1.0kg / 2.2Lbs. | Unit + Power Adapter - 1.5kg / 3.2 Lbs.
Cooling: Air stream / 17CFM
Enclosure: Desktop model, aluminum with powder coated finish
UV Exposure Safety: UV lights deactivate when the cover (lid) of the unit opens
UV-A bulb (white): 352nm / T5 housing / 300 hours “precision output” service span
UV-C bulb (clear): 254nm / T5 housing / 300 hours “precision output” service span
Service Span Monitoring by digital Hour Meter, with non-volatile (EEPROM) memory

UV 4-8-12W/12VDC Set consists of:

  • 1x UV 4-8-12W/12VDC instrument
  • 1x Universal 100-240VAC/12VDC power adapter & cord
  • 1x "Car/cigar lighter" 12VDC power cord
  • 1x "A" lamp (white) - installed
  • 2x "C" lamp (clear) - installed
  • 2x "A" lamp (white) - spare
  • 1x "C" lamp (clear) - spare
  • Manual & Warranty Registration Form

We also carry the following replacement UV bulbs (T5 Bi-pin/4Watt):
  • UV-A / 365nm" bulb (white)
  • UV-B (305nm) bulb (clear)
  • UV-C / 254nm" bulb (clear)

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