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Oxygen Products
All of the Oxygen Equipment we carry can be used with any Ozone Generator which requires an Oxygen Feed
Oxygen Tanks M9 Tank (240L Capacity)
Oxygen Regulators

CGA540 Regulator
Information for International Clients

CGA540 Regulator
CGA870 Regulator CGA870 Regulator
Oxygen Flow Regulator with BS No. 3 Fitting
Tubing, Connections
& Clamps

1/8ID - 1/4OD and 1/8ID & 3/16OD Tubing
For use with OzoneLab OL80 and OL100 systems

3/16ID - 5/16OD Tubing
Replacement components(s) for older systems (GE line manufactured until October 2002).

Glass Fittings
Oxygen Manifolds
Filters 0.22µm Filters
Check Valves Ozone & Oxygen Check Valves
Transfer Adapters CGA540 to CGA540
CGA540 Splitter
CGA870 to CGA540/Female
CGA870 to CGA870
CGA870 to CGA540
BS No. 3 Straight Adapter for an Oxygen Flow Regulator
BS No. 3 Straight to CGA540 Transfer Adapter
Replacement Components Seal for CGA870 regulators
Handle for CGA870 tanks

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