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All new generation OzoneLab™ Ozone Generators are equipped with the External Ozone Production Control Port (EXT O3 Control), which allows the high precision and/or remote control of the ozone production from external instruments, such as timers, limit switches, function generators, computers, PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers), etc. (EXT accessories are available in our Accessories Area.)

EXT O3 Control works in conjunction with Ozone Concentration Regulation (OCR) signal in an "AND" relationship. In other words, the manual OCR dial on the front panel of the Ozone Generator should be set to MAXIMUM (#10 or 10-00) to allow the use of EXT O3 Control in the full 0-100% duty range.

Locating the EXT O3 Control:
All OzoneLab™ Ozone Generators have the EXT O3 Control port  located in a very close proximity to the ozone generator 12VDC power supply jack.

OzoneLab™  OL80F/S
Ozone Generator

OzoneLab™  OL80F/DST
Ozone Generator

OzoneLab™  OL80W
Ozone Generator

OzoneLab™  OL100/DS
Ozone Generator

OzoneLab™  OL80A/DLS
Ozone Generator & Gas Analyzer

OzoneLab™ OL80M
Ozone Generator & Controller

Type of External Signal Port:

  • Ozone Generator EXP plug: 3.5mm Jack (Female)
  • EXP Signal source: 3.5mm "STEREO" Plug (Male)


Logic "0"

  • Voltage: 0.0-0.7VDC
  • Function: Ozone "OFF"


  • Voltage: 5.0-13.0VDC
  • Function: Ozone "ON"

EXT O3 Control Signal:
For Ozone Concentration Regulation, a signal base frequency must be kept in a relationship to the O2/O3 gas flow to prevent ozone concentration instability.

Flow [ml/min] [Hz]
0 - 125 2+
125 - 500 8+
500 - 1000 16+
Ozone Services

Low flow rates (slow speed of gas passing through the instrument ozone production cell) have the least demanding requirements for the Frequency of the discharge. Faster the speed of the gas, higher the minimal discharge frequency must be. Standard OzoneLab™ instruments utilize 16Hz Frequency, which covers nicely the whole flow rate range 0-1000ml/min, producing very uniform/stable ozone concentration.

Setup Example

EXT accessories are available in our Accessories Area.

Examples of External Ozone Production & Ozone Flow Control Devices

Foot Switch Control  OLW - Transmitter Module C-30Z Ozone Monitor Computer with
OLS OzoneLab™ Software

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