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Retired Design Area

The focus of our company has shifted away from the production of stand alone ozone generators towards the manufacturing of instruments incorporating ozone generation with ozone analyzing capability into one seamless design.

The OL80A Line of Ozone Generator with built in Gas Analyzer is a very mobile and easy to use instrument designed and produced specifically for laboratory and medical research applications.   The main characteristics of the OL80A Ozone Generator and Gas Analyzer are:

  • Fast response time and high precision
  • Availability of wide range of customizable and custom-designed modifications
  • Possibility to create OzoneLab™ Tower(s) by combining various types of OzoneLab™ instruments

Pricing and model comparison chart

S = Standard | O = Optional | N/A = Not Applicable

Generator, Analyzer or Combination Generator & Analyzer Generator & Analyzer Generator & Analyzer
360 Degree View Available 360° View 360° View 360° View
Setup Example Available Examples Examples Examples
Model Picture
OL80 Ozone Module (Single Stage) S S S
10-Turn High Resolution Ozone Output Regulation S S S
External Ozone Output Regulation
(EXT O3 Control Port)
Internal Ozone Destructor S S S
Semi-Automatic Syringe Adapter
with EXT Syringe Control Port
Ozone Analyzer Module
Standard Range 0-200 µg/ml
(0-15% by weight)
Repeatability (% scale)
Zero Drift (% scale)
Response (to 95% - Flow Dependant)
Compensation Pressure & Temp 3psi
LED Ozone Concentration Display S S S
Microprocessor OzoneLab™
Programmable Controller Module
Banana Clip Ground Connection S S S
Minimum & Maximum
Ozone Gas Flow Requirements
0.005 LPM
1.0 LPM
0.005 LPM
1.0 LPM
0.005 LPM
1.0 LPM
Adjustable 0-5VDC Analog Signal Output O
Software for Data Logging (COM1) O
Luer Lock Kynar® Ozone Resist Fittings S S S
Swagelok® Fittings
Wall Mounted Enclosure N/A N/A N/A
Desktop Tower Enclosure
with Handle/Stand - Stackable
Desktop Enclosure with 45° front panel N/A N/A N/A
Folding Table for Desktop Enclosure with 45° front panel N/A N/A N/A

Instrument Weight

3.8kg/8.0Lb 3.8kg/8.0Lb 3.8kg/8.0Lb
Power Requirements 12VDC
2.0 Amp
2.0 Amp
2.0 Amp
100-240AC/12DC/4Amp Universal Adapter Included Included Included
 Marking Yes Yes Yes
Base Price [U$] $7,535.00 $7,595.00 $7,655.00
All prices are in US Dollars and do not include shipping and handling.

OL80A/DLS Technical Data

OzoneLab™ OL80 ozone production module:
Ozone Module: OL80
Ozone Production
Stabilization Time:

  • 3 minutes to 90% of reference output is reached
  • 6 minutes to 100% of reference output is reached
  • after 10 minutes - 105% of reference output is reached

O2/O3 Ports: Kynar® (PVDF) Female Luer Lock
Gas Pressure: Standard Range 0-3 p.s.i.
Flow Range: Standard Range 31-1000ml/min || Extended range 5-1000ml/min (MAX)
Humidity: below 90% R.H.
Cooling: Air cooled instrument, 2x 3" fan in "PUSH/PULL" configuration

Ozone Detection Module:
O3 Measuring Principle: UV Absorption (Beer Lambert Law)
Ozone Detection Range: 0 - 200 [µg/ml] | 0 - 13.5% by weight
Response Time: 2 seconds to 95%
Precision: +/-1% of full scale
Linearity: 1%
Zero Drift: 1% of full scale /month, non-cumulative
Compensation: Up to 3 p.s.i. pressure compensation
Visual Data Output: High visibility LED display || 0 - 200 [µg/ml]
O2/O3 Ports: Kynar® (PVDF) Female Luer Lock
Sample Flow: 0.1 - 1 [LPM] / 100 [ml/min] - 1000[ml/min]
Ozone Gas Fittings: Kynar® (PVDF) Female Luer Lock
Gas Pressure: Standard Range 0-3 p.s.i.
Flow Range: Standard Range 31-1000ml/min || Extended range 5-2000ml/min (MAX)
Analyzer Module: 316L Stainless Steel, Sapphire, Teflon™, Kynar® (PVDF)

Peripheral Functions and parameters:
Temperature Range: 5°C - 45°C
Gas Pressure: 0-3 p.s.i.
Ozone Destructor:
(If Installed)
Kynar® (PVDF) fitting, Catalytic Agent, PVC housing & vent cap
Syringe Port/Valve:
(If Installed)
Kynar® (PVDF)fittings, Teflon™ valve body and tubing
Visual Data Output: High visibility LED display || 0 - 200 [µg/ml]
COM1 Data Output:
(If Installed)
DB-9/Female, OEM software
Power: 12VDC/1000 - 2500 mA, Center Positive
Ext. Power Adapter: Universal Input (100-240VAC/12VDC - 4Amp.) Power Adapter with a standard IEC320 modular AC receptacle. A North American standard 3 prong power cord included.

For applications exceeding outlined conditions of operation, please contact us for more information on custom produced instruments and accessories.

Ozone Output Information

OL80 Module (Single Stage)
Typical Ozone Output for single stage OL80 Ozone Generator
0 0 0 0
1/32 31 0 - 161 0 - 299
1/16 62 0 - 131 0 - 487
1/8 125 0 - 93 0 - 698
1/4 250 0 - 57 0 - 855
1/2 500 0 - 33 0 - 990
3/4 750 0 - 23 0 - 1035
1 1000 0 - 17 0 - 1020

  • OL80 Sample Output Test Report
  • OL80 Ozone Output Graphs

  • OL100 Typical Ozone Output Table
  • Compare OL80 & OL100
  • Compare OL80, OL100, and GE60 units produced between 1994 & 1999
  • How we test our Instruments
  • Note that we are able to provide Custom Ozone Output adjustments in the range of 10% - 100% of the Typical Ozone Output. Contact us for details.
  • Each ozone generator is tested and calibrated separately using 2" H2O back pressure.
  • OzoneLab™ instruments are designed for low flow/high output applications and are not suitable for flow rates above 1000ml/min due to the size of orifices in the ozone gas flow path. Gas Pressure is 0-3 p.s.i. (For applications dealing with higher pressures - please contact us for more info and/or consultation)

OL80A/DLS Illustration:

Front Panel View

  1. Main Power Switch
  2. 10 Turn High Resolution Ozone Concentration Regulator
  3. Ozone Production Status LED
  4. Ozone Concentration Regulator ON/OFF
  5. Automatic Zeroing Button (Oxygen)
  6. High Visibility LED Display
  7. Ozone Analyzer Module Status Lights
  8. Syringe Port ON/OFF/(ON)
  9. Syringe Port Status LED
  10. Syringe Port / Ozone Outlet - Luer Lock (Red)
  11. External Syringe Control Port
  12. 3" Cooling Fan
  13. Powdered Coated Aluminum Case
  14. Enclosure Bumpers
    (1/2"DIM & 1/4" High /Grey Non-Marking Flexible Polylastomer)
  15. Adjustable Handle/Stand

Rear Panel View

  1. Ozone Destructor Vent
  2. Computer Data Logging and Communication Port (Optional)
  3. Ozone Destructor Inlet - Luer Lock (Black)
  4. Removable Teflon™ tubing "BRIDGE"
  5. Oxygen Inlet - Luer Lock (Blue)
  6. EXT O3 Control
  7. 12VDC Power Supply Pilot Light
  8. 12VDC Power Jack 2.1mm/Center "+"
  9. Banana Clip Ground Connection
  10. 3" Cooling Fan
  11. Ozone Outlet - Luer Lock (Red)
  12. BNC Analog Output (Optional)

Most Frequently Ordered Models


Ozone Generator and Analyzer Setup Examples

An example of an OzoneLab™ Tower by stacking an OL100/T Ozone Generator and an OLA/DS Ozone Gas Analyzer.

For more information on OzoneLab™ Towers, click on above image
A full selection of optional ozone accessories is available to clients through our Ozone & UV Accessory Area.

Examples of External Ozone Production & Ozone Flow Control Devices

Foot Switch Control OLW - Transmitter Module C-30Z Ozone Monitor
Foot Switch Control  OLW - Transmitter Module C-30Z Ozone Monitor

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